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¡Bravo! La lección de Colleen, la bailarina de Nueva York que defiende el ballet sin dietas extremas

¡Bravo! La lección de Colleen, la bailarina de Nueva York que defiende el ballet sin dietas extremascuatro.com
Es neoyorkina. Es foodie. Es celíaca. Y, por encima de todo, ama el ballet. La cuenta en Instagram de Colleen Werner, bailarina profesional de Nueva York, es un ejemplo de naturalidad, de ganas de vivir sin seguir las ‘normas’ establecidas ni los cánones impuestos de la sociedad.
Colleen es bailarina profesional y adora comer. Y con estas dos pasiones por bandera, ha convertido su perfil en la red social en una demanda constante de que las dos cosas son absolutamente compatibles con esfuerzo, ganas de ser feliz y una sonrisa permanente. Colleen comparte a diario platos de pasta, gofres, helados, ensaladas gourmet… sus platos favoritos. Y mezcla su pasión por la gastronomía con fotos de sus ensayos y entrenamientos en la pista de baile. Acrobacias, estiramientos, figuras imposibles…
Collen ha emprendido una lucha contra los trastornos alimenticios en niñas y adolescentes. Ella misma asegura que con nueve o diez años llegó a odiar su cuerpo y recuerda con amargura como un médico llegó a decirle con 8 años que debía ponerse a dieta. La relación de Colleen con su propio cuerpo empeoró en el instituto.
Finalmente, gracias a grupos de terapia y a poyo, ha aprendido a amar su físico y a entender que no es una barrera a la hora de desarrollar una profesión como la de bailarina. Ella misma asegura estar orgullosa de haber emprendido una batalla contra los cánones de una industria tan cargada de clichés.

The dance world is FAR from body positive, and I want to help change that. • I've danced practically all of my life, and from a young age, I was socialized through the dance world to believe that my body had to look a certain way in order to succeed and be a "real dancer." As I got older, I was convinced that my body was wrong for dance. I saw photos of dancers in magazines and dancers in performances that all didn't look like me. • I started to buy into the ideal of the "ballerina body." I lost weight by disordered means, and I started to get more attention and praise in my dance classes and more featured parts. My body wasn't "wrong" when I started. There's no wrong way to have a body. I had a body that was completely capable of dancing. I had no reason to change my body other than to fit the BS aesthetic that the dance world has perpetuated. This so-called aesthetic has helped fuel many of my mental health struggles. • Yesterday during a live chat, one of my followers told me that her 10 year old niece wants to be a dancer but is on the chubbier side, so she's heard some discouraging comments. She said that she's shown her niece my account and that she loves it. It makes me so sad that a 10 year old girl is already getting negative feedback on her body. 10 YEARS OLD!!! I'm so glad that my account has been able to help this little girl, and I wish that I would have seen a community like this when I was an aspiring little dancer. • I haven't seen many other dancers in the body positive community, and I think we need to push to make a change in the narrative that is currently held. There is no wrong way to have a dancers body. It's dangerous to only represent one body type in dance companies, dance brands, and dance ads. Dancers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities, all dancers deserve to love their bodies, and it's time that we start bringing body positivity to the dance community. I've decided to start the tag #BopoBallerina to inspire body positivity in the dance world – who's with me? 🤗 Please tag any bopo dancers you know – I don't know of many and I'd LOVE to connect with more! • #MyFlawsAreFierce (Photo by @paul_dubois_photography)

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Since some new people have found my account recently, I thought it would be a good time for a reintroduction! • - My name is Colleen, but you can call me either Colleen or Leenah! Leenah is a shortened form of a nickname my mom gave me, Colleenabeena. - I'm 20, and I live in NY. - I'm in my 2nd year of my undergrad degree, and I'm studying psychology. I plan on going to grad school for Mental Health Counseling and becoming a therapist who specializes in eating disorders! - I'm a dancer! Contemporary, ballet, and jazz are my favorites, but I've trained in most styles. I'm in a contemporary dance company and also teach dance. - I have an amazing boyfriend, and we've been together for a little over a year. - I've struggled a lot with my mental health over the past few years. Generalized anxiety disorder made things very difficult to handle, and food/my body definitely felt like an enemy. However, through DBT therapy I've been able to embrace the power and value of being honest, vulnerable, and authentic, and I'm in a much healthier place now! - I'm gluten intolerant, and I've been gluten free for almost 2 years now. - I have a Yorkie named Tidbit, and this weekend I'm going to be adopting another Yorkie – Tidbit's dad, Zen! I'm probably the most dog obsessed person you'll ever meet. - I still sleep with my baby blanket, and I hate the taste of mint so I use kids toothpaste. 😂 - I'm a huge advocate of sharing the message that all bodies are welcome, all bodies are beautiful, and all bodies deserve love. Diversity of all kinds is what makes this world so beautiful and special. - I'm a Contributing Editor for @selflovebeauty! - In the words of Buddy the Elf, "I love smiling! Smiling's my favorite!" 🤗 - I created the hashtag #MyFlawsAreFierce a few months ago to help spread the message that our flaws shouldn't be something to be ashamed of. Our flaws make us the unique, incredible people we are! Tag your photos embracing your flaws to it if you'd to be featured ✨ I'm also starting a clothing brand with the same name with @soworthsaving! • What's a fun fact about you? Comment below so I can get to know you more! (Photography by @paul_dubois_photography 😍)

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So glad that I spent my afternoon having quality time with my boyfriend instead of worrying about school and whatever else like I typically do on a Monday night 😌 It's so easy to get caught up in the hectic mess of life and forget to enjoy each moment as it comes. Being mindful is so important for happiness and for leading an effective life. I'm really working on trying to embrace every moment for what it is – good, bad, or somewhere in between. There's something valuable to be gained from each moment of our existence, and when we choose to anchor ourselves to the present moment, life is so much more enjoyable. 🙌🏻 What's something you did mindfully today? ✨ • (Photography by @steve_sanchez_photography)

Una publicación compartida de Colleen, 20, NYC ♡ (@leenahlovesherself) el 3 de Abr de 2017 a la(s) 6:48 PDT

I've decided to take part in @healthyisthenewskinny's #StopBodyShame campaign ❤️ since I was a little girl, I've been told negative things about my body. I carried these ideas with me into adolescence, and it was very unhealthy. As a dancer, my body is constantly critiqued. Because people told me I didn't have the "typical ballerina body" I took that as my body wasn't good enough for anyone or anything. For years, I hated my body and always strived to find ways to "fix" it, while all along I was perfectly healthy. As I've learned to love myself, I've realized how much I LOVE my strong, beautiful body. I love my "big" thighs because they're super muscular and allow me to do so many awesome things! I love my muscular back and broader shoulders. I love my stomach because it protects my organs (and I like the way it looks too!) I don't care that I'm not as small as some of my fellow dancers, but that also doesn't mean that they should be shamed for having smaller bodies! We need to learn to embrace ALL bodies and love our own bodies unconditionally. I'm happier now with my healthy body than I ever was when I was trying to reach unrealistic goals that just weren't meant for my body. Everyone is created differently for a reason, and humans come in all shapes and sizes. I'm so glad that today I can focus on being the healthiest, happiest me and that I fully embrace my body, flaws and all. EveryBODY is beautiful, and we need to stop the shame 💗

Una publicación compartida de Colleen, 20, NYC ♡ (@leenahlovesherself) el 9 de Sep de 2016 a la(s) 7:37 PDT

Day 3 of #SelfLoveBootcamp is mental health! In the past year I've spent more time focusing on my mental health than I have in the rest of my life. • For so many years, I was so focused on changing my physical body that I severely neglected my mental health. This past summer, it really caught up to me, and I could no longer ignore the effects that it was having on my life. I decided that I couldn't go on how I was, and I needed to make a change. So, I decided to reach out and start therapy. I've now been doing DBT for 6 months, and it has had a very positive effect on my life. • One thing that I would like to point out is that while I have made a lot of progress, and I am in a fairly good place currently, I do definitely still struggle at times and definitely still have bad days. People always say things like "I wish I had your confidence" and "I wish I had your positivity" but I want you all to know that things aren't always as amazing as they seem. I definitely have many good days, but I also do still struggle with my anxiety, do sometimes still give into unhealthy behaviors, and still have rough days. However, I've learned that positivity and light can also coexist with struggling and anxiety. I have hard days, but now recognize that those days are as important and necessary as my great days, and I've learned to find the positives even in crappy situations. • One of the reasons why I think I've made as much progress as I have is because I've learned the beauty of vulnerability and authenticity. I've started to free myself from the binds of my perfectionism by finding the benefits of my flaws and by opening up to the idea that imperfection can be a gift. Realizing that being human is about showing as my authentic self, not as a "perfect" made-up version of a person, has been so liberating. • Some of my top ways of focusing on my mental health are participating honestly/fully in therapy, using DBT skills, reading self improvement books, practicing deep breathing, journaling, and striving for a mindful life. What are some things you do to focus on your mental health?✨ #MyFlawsAreFierce (Wearing @aerie #aerieREAL leggings, photo by @paul_dubois_photography)

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