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Una amante del 'fitness' muestra cómo la hinchazón abdominal trasforma su cuerpo

Una amante del 'fitness' muestra cómo la hinchazón abdominal trasforma su cuerpoInstagram Celena Kinsey

El vientre de Celena Kinsey pasa de estar plano y tonificado a tener algo de volumen en solo 24 horas. La amante del 'fitness' ha querido compartir la imagen para mostrar los efectos visuales que tiene la hinchazón.

El abdomen hinchado se puede dar por varias causas, la acumulación de líquidos o la deglución del aire son dos de las causas que pueden modificar el volumen del vientre.
Celena Kinsey, blogger e instagramer especializada en fitness, lleva cierto tiempo sufriendo la distensión abdominal y, para evitarlo, ha modificado su dieta para evitar los factores desencadenantes que tienen que ver con la alimentación.
No obstante, desvela que no es tan fácil deshacerse de ello y para mostrar los efectos de lo que afecta a más mujeres que a hombres y entre el 10 y el 30 por ciento total de la población, según publica metro.co.uk, utiliza su propia experiencia y se fotografía a ella misma con un día de diferencia.

These pictures are from this Monday/ Tuesday and show what one of my bloating episodes look like. No I’m not pushing my tummy out, I actually have abdominal distension during these episodes, as pointed out by a doctor (and you can see I'm totally not feeling good). For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from these episodes of intense pain and bloating. It started a few years ago and it was upper right quadrant pain, bloating, and discomfort once every few months. Then it progressed to every month, and now it seems to hit me every few weeks. Doctors are just as confused as I am and so far all I’ve gotten diagnosed with are “gastritis” and possible IBS- which we know means there really isn’t a known cause. I’ve been doing everything I can to modify my diet, to identify any food triggers and to just deal with it when it happens but it’s NOT easy. I’m not sharing for sympathy, but instead to be real with you all. Sharing a photo like this is never easy because when you’re bloated you feel pretty down on yourself and you’re uncomfortable in your own skin. But I’m sharing this to show that you’re not alone, and that we all have things that we’re battling and that’s normal. Bloating is so common and affects about 10-30% of the general population, with women TWICE as likely to experience it. So nope, I don’t walk around with abs 24/7, and I’m totally ok with that! Right now my priorities are to share my journey, and to one day at least find out what the heck this random pain is. So the next time you’re bloated, don’t think you look “fat or disgusting”- that’s unhealthy behavior and you know that bloating comes and goes. Instead, make yourself a hot water bottle, drink water, turn on some netflix and rest easy. Always remember your body responds best to positivity and love. . . . #bloated #bloating #beforeandafter #screwthescale #ibs #squatspo #fitnesslifestyle #gymlife #cleaneating #vlogger #paleoish #liveauthentic #healthylifestyle #fitnessbody #healthyishappy #fitnesspageforall #mindovermatter #girlswithabs #womenshealth #mindbodysoul #girlswhoworkout #paleofood #fitfood #absaremadeinthekitchen #bebetter #strongnotskinny #fitliving #bodyunderconstruction

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